why choose us

Why People Choose Us

We are Four Star Hotel – world standard. It is from our service to provide the best hospitality services. Lamar Hotel is based in Hadda indeed widely known for its beautiful weather and fascinating views.Rooms are large enough and it furnished at the level of 4 stars Hotel.

  • Cleaning Rooms daily.
  • Changing Sheets daily.
  • Safe and secured by US officials.
  • Quite and Luxury.

All the meals are fresh and taste, also the juice. You can get almost the Yemeni and Arabic food, beside the western food. We provide fresh food. LAMAR HOTEL provides Open buffet or Based-On-Request Menu for the specail events for Companies, Organizations and Individuals.

Our team is always ready to ensure you get everything you need throughout your stay. Guest room services include housekeeping, in-suite maintenance, rental of various equipment, parcel delivery, catering, etc. Please feel free to contact the reception desk at any time by calling “0” from the telephone in the room.


Clean, Quite, Safe, Luxury, and Best Memories.